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GSA exceeded small business contracting goal, received top grade from SBA


The General Services Administration awarded $1.5 billion in contracts to small businesses in fiscal 2014, with the Small Business Administration giving the agency an “A” grade for its efforts, says a June 29 GSA statement.

Government gets a B in 2010 small-business contracting


The Small Business Administration gave the government a B grade for its attempts to reach small-business contracting goals, i.e. the government met 90 percent to 99 percent of its goals for the year. In 2010, the government improved in four of the five categories of small businesses compared to SBA’s previous score card.

GovContracts Insider: Monthly Highlights


IDIQs and GSA schedules – understanding the contract vehicles, speed dating teaming events for Government procurement, Technical Communities and Hamilton Storage Technologies sign Government services partnership, DISA issues $4.6 billion network operations RFP, and contract management becomes top priority for White House

Contract management becomes top priority for White House


A company will no longer get a contract and then never again hear from the agency about the work, Gordon said. Further the government won’t turn a blind eye toward schemes or well-known shady business partnerships.

GTSI-SBA agreement puts company under the microscope


By signing the agreement, government officials said they believe GTSI gave enough assurances to lift the four-week-old suspension. GTSI doesn’t admit to any wrongdoing or breaking the law, but the government still reserves the right to extend the scope of the case if it comes across any additional revealing facts.

What’s next for GTSI?


The Small Business Administration put its foot down last week by suspending GTSI Corp. from federal contracting, and experts say it will be hard to get SBA to back down, especially in this political environment.