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WEBINAR: Enabling app intelligence and control in federal networks

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-How do I identify the applications and users who are consuming my network bandwidth
-How do I indentify the applications that are an attack vector for malware in my network
-How can I manage/inspect SSL encrypted traffic, so that it does not become an attack vector.

Video: Agilent Technologies N9342C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer


Introducing the Agilent N9342C 7 GHz HSA. Includes a built-in tracking generator and GPS receiver. Very user friendly.

PXI DMM Speed Showdown: Agilent vs Brand X


A video demonstrating how Agilent’s M9183A PXI Digital Multimeter is over 10 times faster in a transactional test setup compared to Brand X’s.

Video: Agilent Technologies FieldFox RF Analyzer N9912A


The FieldFox RF Analyzer can be used for cable and antenna testing, such as distance to fault measurements or VSWR, and network analysis, such as cable loss or antenna loss. FieldFox analyzers also have a spectrum analyzer that can be used for spectrum monitoring or interference analysis.

Video: Anritsu-The New Masters of the Wireless


Anritsu Company continues its leadership position in the wireless field test market with the introduction of an innovative new platform for its family of handheld analyzers, which is the de facto industry standard for field test instrumentation. The new platform features integrated functionality in a robust, lightweight, field-proven design that provides field personnel with all the tools necessary to deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot todays most demanding wireless equipment and networks.

Plugging the Holes

Plugging the holes in your information network to meet HIPAA rules.

Measuring the World

Measuring the World

Today you will likely use a product that has been tested or measured by Agilent Technologies: your cell phone, the digital network, your drinking water, your prescription drugs. In your lifetime, countless Agilent innovations will affect you – through nanotechnology, drug discovery, disease research and communications assurance.