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Federal Managers Increasingly Unhappy With Hiring Process

The Obama administration has prioritized improving hiring and recruiting at federal agencies, but the managers dealing with those efforts do not report seeing any improvement in the conditions on the ground.

In a recently released update on the administration’s “cross-agency priority goals,” federal supervisors’ satisfaction with hiring and recruiting practices has actually ticked downward in targeted areas, and the figures remain well short of the government’s goals.

Using the most updated Chief Human Capital Officers Management Survey, the Office of Personnel Management and the White House’s Presidential Personnel Office reported a downturn in the number of hiring managers with direct involvement in workforce planning and recruitment efforts.

Just more than four in 10 hiring managers said they personally participated in recruitment and outreach efforts for job vacancies in the third quarter of fiscal 2015, down from the 44 percent baseline. A higher rate — 64 percent — of hiring managers said they are involved in workforce planning, but that was still down 2 percentage points from the baseline and well short of the 76 percent target.

OPM and the White House reported the lowest levels of satisfaction with the pool of candidates looking to join the top ranks of civil service. Less than half of hiring managers were satisfied with the quality of Senior Executive Service managers, down 13 percentage points in the most recent quarter from the 60 percent baseline. Overall, satisfaction with the quality of federal applicants ticked up one point to 61 percent. That figure still fell well short of the 70 percent target.

Full article by Eric Katz, Government Executive

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