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GSA exceeded small business contracting goal, received top grade from SBA

The General Services Administration awarded $1.5 billion in contracts to small businesses in fiscal 2014, with the Small Business Administration giving the agency an “A” grade for its efforts, says a June 29 GSA statement.

Governmentwide, agencies are given goals by the SBA to direct a certain percentage of prime contracting and subcontracting dollars to small businesses, then SBA grades the agencies on their performance.

Those grades are based 80 percent on the number of prime contractor dollars agencies have steered toward small businesses, 10 percent for subcontractors and 10 percent on subjective categories such as leadership and data quality.

The GSA says it exceeded all of its subcategory prime contracting goals as well as its main goal of sending 25 percent of its total contracting dollars to small businesses.

Small businesses accounted for nearly half of GSA-funded contract dollars, 80 percent of all vendors on GSA Schedules and 34 percent of all dollars awarded, the statement says.

Full article by Ryan McDermott, FierceGovernment

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Roger Chu is a Marketing Coordinator at GSAmart, the leading GSA sales and marketing partner for technology companies.

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