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Defense Department

DOD to revamp acquisition with cyberspace in mind


Officials recognized speed as a priority if they want to keep up with how quickly the technological world revolutionizes itself. Acquisition processes and regulations need to match the developmental life cycle.

GovContracts Insider: Monthly Highlights


What is a Continuing Resolution? Is competitive sourcing ready for a comeback? Technical Communities and Hamilton Storage Technologies Sign Government Services Partnership, Strengthening Federal Contract Workforce is No. 1 Priority, The White House’s 2012 budget devotes a greater percentage of IT funds to cybersecurity.

Is competitive sourcing ready for a comeback?


The Republican-led House has a provision in the fiscal 2011 Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act (CR) allowing competitive sourcing and hosting competitions between companies and federal employees for government work.

Continuing Resolution for 2011 is Dangerous


If the Defense Department has to operate under a continuing resolution for the rest of fiscal 2011 “bad things will happen” and Pentagon officials will face the hard choice of “which child do you kill” when it comes to funding key programs.