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FY ’14 DoD Budget Expected As Early As March

Though the Pentagon will be late in submitting a budget this year, the process of crafting the spending plan received a nudge last week.

Northrop Grumman feels federal penny-pinching


The defense systems decrease comes as the government reduced funding for existing programs as well as for completing programs.

Panetta fires first shot in defense budget showdown


Get ready for the future’s leaner Defense Department. Some areas received special safeguarding in the budget-cutting process, particularly in technology.

DOD to revamp acquisition with cyberspace in mind


Officials recognized speed as a priority if they want to keep up with how quickly the technological world revolutionizes itself. Acquisition processes and regulations need to match the developmental life cycle.

U.S. Avoids Partial Federal Shutdown; Obama Signs 3-Week Budget Extension


“This is a lousy way to run a railroad,” Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said on the House floor. “We are trying to run the largest enterprise in the world in two-week segments. It’s costly to the private sector, it’s extremely inefficient for the public sector and it’s demoralizing employees. This ought to be the last of this type.”

The Cloud, Systems Integrators and You!


Many Systems Integrators saw markets such as Homeland and Healthcare early on, positioned themselves and developed partners to take advantage of these markets as they grow. Now we see them investing in cloud solutions as one of their next grow target.

Continuing Resolution for 2011 is Dangerous


If the Defense Department has to operate under a continuing resolution for the rest of fiscal 2011 “bad things will happen” and Pentagon officials will face the hard choice of “which child do you kill” when it comes to funding key programs.

Agencies slow to respond to requests for contractor data


Some federal procurement officers are refusing to publicly release contractor ratings data that may show agencies are not properly evaluating the performance of vendors who receive billion-dollar contracts, according to a consulting practice that regularly files Freedom of Information Act requests for the data.