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Emerging GSA scandal brings down top officials


The GSA’s top official abruptly resigned and her top deputies were fired or put on administrative leave amid a breaking scandal that the White House chief of staff called “a gross misuse of taxpayer dollars.”

Technical Communities Names Elaine Ebner As Vice President of Sales/Market Development


Ms. Ebner will participate in the company’s fast growing government ad/market solutions programs

GSA moves forward with new professional services vehicle


Integrations will be a multiple-agency indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract. The Integrations contract is expected to include commercial and non-commercial services, that may include program management and consulting services.

The Trade Agreements Act and GSA Schedules


The federal government maintains a list of countries with which it has trade agreements. If a country does not have a trade agreement with the United States, then you may not provide these products or services on your GSA Schedules contract.

Grantees and GSA schedule contracts


The Federal Government has been handing out a lot of grant money in the last few years, especially for The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Still, the question arises as to whether the grantees can purchase what they need using GSA Schedule contracts.

Oracle settles $200M claim of failing to offer government best price


The settlement resolves a False Claims Act lawsuit that alleges Oracle intentionally gave GSA inaccurate information about discounts it gave to commercial customers and failed to pass those discounts on to the government.

Federal spending cuts mean fiercer competition for contractors


These spending cuts are expected to decrease the funds available for government contract awards and drive up competition for federal dollars. In order to succeed in federal contracting, many vendors will need to find new ways to stay competitive.

The price-reduction clause to die another day


GSA could not endure giving up the clause that goes with its Multiple Award Schedules contracts, which, officials say, guarantees companies won’t overcharge the government.

GSA may have AAA rating in customer service


Good service, savings boosts GSA’s credit rating

$120 billion in federal purchases between now and Oct. 1


Agencies are wanting to use multiple award schedules, blanket purchase agreements and other contract vehicles run by GSA in order to leverage agency buy-in for better prices and shorten the procurement process by assessing and accrediting contractors ahead of time.